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At Pine Needle Embroidery, we pride ourselves on the importance we put on the quality of the product we create for our customers. We check every piece before we package it and ensure that it meets our standard before our clients get it back in hand. If something goes wrong, we’ll make it right!


We have just added Screen and Heat Treat products to our line of services. We can do Direct to Garment Printing on cotton blends, Sublimation Printing on polyester and ryon and Heat Transfer Printing on just about any fabric. We have had great success with this new technology, and it works well if your project needs to be more budget minded. 


We love Teton Valley and we so happy to be able to provide this service locally. We have also established relationships with various businesses which have greatly expanded our reach. We are an approved embroidery shop for North Face Products and we do a great deal of sewing for STIO, so we are often shipping products all over the United States. We recently shipped packages to London England, Ontario Canada, Manitoba Canada, and Mumbai India. We keep growing not only for the quality of our product, but the speed in which we are able to get apparel out. We are generally 10-15 business days from the time we receive your product and the time we are ready for a pickup or to ship. If you have a tighter timeline, we’ll do everything in our power to make it happen. 


If you have never been in our shop, stop by and we’ll show you around. We love to make new friends and establish new relationships! We look forward to seeing you or communicating with you soon!


Lisa Foster

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